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(Anode Current Monitoring)

Industrial DC Power Supplies (Rectifiers)


AnodeMon is a PLC-based, anode cell current monitoring and distribution system for cathodic and anodic metal finishing systems such as e-coat and anodizing. Using its PLC-based architecture, AnodeMon gives the system operator real-time values of individual cell current during the finishing process. Each of these values are viewable on and stored in an HMI for further analysis and/or evaluating trends for system process efficiency and cell life.  With the optional “AnodeHealth” software, AnodeMon can also project when an anode is near the end of its life, and can inform the user when the anode requires service or replacement. AnodeMon performs “Anode Current Monitoring” in two (2) distinct configurations: “With” and “Without” Electrical Distribution. There is no limit to the number of anodes that can be monitored.

AnodeMon is offered at many different price-points, and can be sold as either a standalone system or integrated into one of CPC’s rectifiers.

Anode Capacity: 8 – unlimited
Anode Protection: Fuses
Anode Distribution: Yes
“AnodeHealth”: An optional software package that performs highly technical analyses to determine when anodes require service or are in need of replacement.

Anode Control Assembly
  • Know the current values of each anode, real time
  • Diagnose problems before they cause quality defects and unnecessary energy usage
  • Capability to plan anode service or replacement
  • Anode over-current protection
  • Flexible cabinet configurations for different environments and locations
  • PLC integration
  • Compatible with automotive systems
  • Electrocoating
  • Anodizing
  • Other metal finishing processes

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Controlled Power Company guarantees the unit to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (1) year following shipment from the factory.

Consult the factory for additional warranty details, and a description of start-up services provided.