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Model LTN

(700VA - 2.1kVA)

Uninterruptible Power Systems


Shouldn’t the UPS technology be as rugged as the enclosure in which it’s provided?

Many of today’s industrial market uninterruptible power systems are simply a commercial grade standby power supply placed into an industrial enclosure. These designs offer no real power line conditioning, isolation, or meaningful voltage regulation. Many offer only ±10% voltage regulation and have a 5 millisecond break in power when transferring to or from battery backup.

Why settle for this performance when our Model LTN offers so much more?

Within each Model LTN UPS is a rugged constant voltage transformer which provides output line voltage regulation of ±3%. In addition, magnetic isolation, filtering, and power conditioning provide ultimate protection from extreme power line disturbances and power outages. The Model LTN’s drip-proof enclosure is designed to NEMA 2 standards and provided on channels for floor mounting. Optional wall-mounting brackets are available.

Single Phase Sizes: 700VA, 850VA, 1.0kVA, 1.2kVA, 1.4kVA, 1.6kVA, 1.8kVA, 2.1kVA

Model LTN
  • No break, regulated, continuous sine wave output.
  • Integral constant voltage transformer isolates and regulates output voltage.
  • NEMA 2 drip-proof enclosure design.
  • Status and alarm panel, with optional remote status panel.
  • Internal battery options, providing extended runtimes from 30 minutes to 7 hours at full load, model dependent.
  • Input breaker, and output breakers (up to 6 single pole positions total).
  • Output circuit breaker monitor option.
  • Standard 3 amp or optional 8.5 amp battery charger.
  • Key-lockable front door.
  • Front access design.
  • Generator compatible.
  • Remote communications via alarm signals or RS232.
  • Optional four (4) isolated sets of status & alarm relay contacts.
  • Optional NetMinder™ remote monitoring via Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485.
  • Optional wall mounting kit.
  • Input Operating Voltage Range: +10%, -40% typical, load-dependent, without battery usage
  • Input Frequency: 60 Hz, ± 2.5 Hz
  • Output Sine wave Voltage: Maximum 3% harmonic distortion, any single harmonic
  • Voltage Regulation: ± 3% typical
  • Isolation: Galvanic
  • Operating Temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
  • Total System MTBF: 100,000 hours
  • Common Mode Noise Attenuation: 120 dB
  • Transverse Mode Noise Attenuation: 70 dB
  • Efficiency: 89% typical
  • Industrial/Automated Process Control
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Security Systems/Surveillance Cameras
  • Emergency Exhaust Fans
  • Pumps/Controls/Telemetry
  • Transmission Repeaters/Cell Towers
  • Radio/TV Transmitter Sites

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  • How does the Model LTN regulate voltage?
    • The Model LTN incorporates a highly efficient constant voltage isolation transformer that produces a steady output voltage over a wide range of input voltages. Even in severe brownout conditions, the Model LTN delivers regulated voltage to within +/-3% without using battery power.
  • Does the Model LTN do anything to correct for load generated harmonics?
    • Yes. The Model LTN’s constant voltage isolation transformer acts as a band pass filter, allowing only 60 cycles to pass. Load generated noise and harmonics are trapped in the output of the Model LTN, preventing the unwanted harmonics from reaching the input power source. Standby uninterruptible power systems simply don’t do anything for harmonics; you live with the results.
  • Does the Model LTN preserve the battery life in harsh electrical environments more than other uninterruptible power systems?
    • Yes. With “variable range regulation” (using Fuzzy Ranging™ technology), the Model LTN can maintain normal operation down to -40% of the input voltage, thus conserving battery use. This patented technology automatically broadens the input operating range of the UPS as a function of load. This Model LTN feature provides added security during deep “brownout” conditions, without battery consumption. Variable range regulation assures that the batteries will provide the optimum runtime during a real emergency – a power outage!
  • Can the Model LTN be mounted to a wall or vertical strut?
    • Yes. The standard Model LTN is provided on channels for floor mounting. Optional brackets are available for mounting the Model LTN to either a wall or strut.
  • Does the Model LTN offer a higher level of TVSS than other UPS models?
    • Yes. Many of today’s industrial market uninterruptible power systems are standby power supplies that include TVSS. Typically, this TVSS protection consists of one or two small metal oxide varistors (MOV) and a filter capacitor. These devices work to limit voltage spikes to a specific level. The problem is that every time the TVSS is asked to do its job, it degrades the MOVs. Depending on the number and amplitude of voltage spikes suppressed, the TVSS might work for two years, two months, or two days!
    • In contrast, the Model LTN protects the load with 15 pounds or more of high-grade transformer steel. The transformer absorbs the high energy transients for a much longer duration, thus leaving the load solidly protected. Plus the Model LTN attenuates transients of a much higher magnitude than TVSS and replenishes the energy when notching and reverse spiking occur. Consider the Model LTN “permanent protection” that outperforms TVSS found in other uninterruptible power systems.
  • How does the Model LTN correct for improper site wiring?
    • Site wiring, configurations, and power quality can be an unknown. There may be voltage variations, ground current that causes disruptive operation, mixed grounds, and other site problems that cause system malfunctions. In many cases, neutral and ground are bonded in secondary distribution panels when they shouldn't be, causing a portion of the intended neutral current to flow through the ground system. This produces what is referred to as a “noisy ground.”
    • The Model LTN’s output constant voltage isolation transformer generates a new power source dedicated to the load. It creates a new clean ground reference and establishes a central ground point for all loads. The new ground assures that the equipment connected to it has a new clean ground reference, reducing or in many cases eliminating unwanted ground noise caused by improper site wiring.

Controlled Power Company warrants the Model LTN Uninterruptible Power System to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year following shipment from the factory. Batteries are warranted with a one (1) year full replacement warranty, and an optional four (4) year pro-rate with applicable maintenance contract. Controlled Power Company agrees to replace, F.O.B. its factory, any parts which fault through defect in material or workmanship during the warranty period.

Warranty begins from date of shipment unless a factory start-up is purchased, then the warranty begins from date of start-up or 90 days from ship date; whichever comes first.

Consult the factory for additional warranty details, and a description of start-up services provided.