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SwitchLITE Model EZT

The “SwitchLITE Model EZT” was a UL 1008 Listed Automatic Transfer Switch, accommodating a single emergency power source, and up to 8 normally dimmed circuits in a single cabinet.   It allowed dimmable lighting fixtures to function as essential emergency lighting.   The automatic switching was centralized.   The preferred emergency power source was a Controlled Power Company emergency lighting inverter.

They were uniquely paired so that dimmed power circuits switched to emergency power during automatic monthly and annual testing performed by the inverter.

However, due to a movement away from the centralized approach provided by the “Model EZT”, market demand for this product has waned.   While we no longer offer the “Model EZT”, our full range of single- and three-phase emergency lighting inverters are still the preferred source of emergency power for use with any UL 1008 or UL924 switching device!

Please contact one of our regional product sales and application teams for details about how our inverters can be used in your dimmable lighting applications.