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CPC’s “Egress Lighting Integrity Test”

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting

In terms of monitoring, testing, data recording, and recordkeeping, the matrix below shows which of our centralized emergency lighting inverters meet or exceed NFPA 101 (up through and including section


Compliance With NFPA 101     (click image to enlarge)

NFPA 101 Code Compliance

Each of these models use local basic monitoring with an RS232 connection … or our Intellistat™ (TS with touchscreen, or standard) monitor.   The Intellistat performs our “Egress Lighting Integrity Test” … which meets and exceeds NFPA 101 section by testing all the way to the fixture or bulb.   In addition, our NetMinder™ provides remote communication of system status and test logs via Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RS485, BACnet/IP, or BACnet MS/TP.

The illustration below reflects (4) different emergency lighting design scenarios.   The “Always On” design is highlighted to depict the two diagnostics taking place during the same “Egress Lighting Integrity Test”.   However, note that regardless of the emergency lighting design, the automatic NFPA-compliant test performed checks the inverter system and batteries, as well as the individual circuits leading to the emergency fixtures.   The Intellistat compares power consumption during the test period with user-defined load capacity, and analyzes the data.   If service is required, the Intellistat will provide a “low output VA” alarm.


Egress Lighting Integrity Test     (click image to enlarge)

Egress Lighting Integrity Test

Learn more  about our “Egress Lighting Integrity Test” and how our inverters fulfill your emergency lighting and life safety needs!


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