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Advantages of a Tap Switching Power Conditioner

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality

Tap switching describes a voltage regulating system that uses pre-selected transformer taps to compensate for varying line voltages.   A microprocessor control selects the correct tap, and makes a connection through high-powered electronic switching devices.   This fast, accurate, and very efficient …

Advanced Remote Monitoring of Emergency Egress Lighting Systems

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting

The dependable operation of emergency egress lighting systems is critical to the life safety and well-being of the occupants and residents of public buildings during utility power outages and similar emergencies.   As an integral component in the life safety design …

Medical-Grade Power Quality: The Perfect Prescription

by Suzanne Hooley

Medical Power Quality

In today’s hospital and healthcare facilities, industry experts attribute as many as 75% of electronics-based equipment, system, and network disruptions/failures to electrical power quality issues.   These power quality problems refer to the electrical anomalies (e.g., brownouts, surges, voltage spikes, harmonics, …