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NEW! “Model ESV” UPS!

by Suzanne Hooley

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We’re excited to announce the availability of our new “Model ESV” Uninterruptible Power System!

It’s been a couple of years since we launched our compact, portable UPS for industrial and I.T. enterprise solutions (the “Model ES”read more!).   Over that time, we’ve begun to see a growing customer demand for a UPS with extended runtimes and output distribution … all in a vertically-designed enclosure requiring only front access!   We’re also finding that a front access designed UPS is perfect for placement / use within fabricated modular structures and other locations where equipment must be backed against a wall and side access isn’t available!   So to continue to grow our business within this expanding market, we’re offering our “Model ESV”!

Featuring our field-proven true online, double-conversion UPS design, our “Model ESV” will continue our solid track record of protecting mission critical applications and preventing downtime!   For you, this translates into trusted performance and reliability!

ESV3 unit__For_Webpage

“Model ESV”
1.5 kVA — 14 kVA single phase sizes for:

  • Business Continuity Requiring Extended Runtimes
  • Industrial Controls & Automation
  • Remote Controls / Telemetry
  • I.T. Network Server Rooms
  • Small / Medium Data Centers
  • UPS Installation Within Fabricated Modular Containers

From its “front access” design and self-contained battery runtime options (up to 4 hours, model dependent) … to its ease of installation and user-friendly operation, the “Model ESV” is the right choice to provide conditioned, continuous back-up power to today’s mission critical applications!

Available in 1.5 kVA — 14 kVA single phase sizes, the “Model ESV” features:

  • Many kVA models available from 120 VAC to 600 VAC, with conversion to the exact nominal output voltage needed, even in bypass.
  • A standard internal push-to-turn bypass system that assures a fully in-sync transfer and no loss of output power when switching to and from bypass mode.
  • Voltage regulation and power conditioning on all models, many with an internal computer-grade isolation transformer.
  • Output distribution options where you decide the exact output breaker configuration.
  • User-friendly, high resolution Intellistat TS™  full-color touchscreen monitor for quick access to electrical parameters, system status, battery testing, and event logs.
  • Optional NetMinder™  communications via an Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RS485, BACnet/IP, or BACnet MS/TP network.

The “Model ESV’s” centralized UPS installation eliminates the need for multiple lower VA rated UPS’s requiring maintenance / replacement at varied and unexpected times.   In addition, its vertical design accommodates overhead power conduit / cable landings for server racks and other critical equipment!

Are some or all of these features are on your “must include” UPS checklist?   If so … don’t compromise!   Choose the “Model ESV” UPS … the complete, integrated back-up power solution!

Download a brochure and specifications today!

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