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Discover Our High Efficiency, K-Rated, Power Conditioning Transformers

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality

As many of you may have experienced … “bad power” in the form of voltage transients, spikes, and high frequency noise can wreak havoc with sensitive electronics and controls!   At a minimum … data corruption may occur, causing system upset and unexpected system restart.   Worse yet … high energy transients will lead to premature component failure!

Sound familiar?
Are you looking for a permanent solution?

As a high efficiency, K-rated, power conditioning transformer, the “ULTRA-K Series 600K-he” is specifically designed to provide a high degree of electrical noise attenuation and transient voltage suppression to sensitive electronic loads!   With four (4) different K-factor ratings (K4, K7, K13, K20), the “ULTRA-K” offers full compatibility with harmonic-rich, non-linear loads.  Available in 5 kVA – 25 kVA single phase models and 15 kVA – 500 kVA three phase models, the “ULTRA-K” meets and exceeds the high efficiency levels defined by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2016 Standard, thus providing true energy savings under both linear and non-linear loads!

 Whether you are an Engineer specifying preventive electrical power protection … a Distributor or Contractor solving customers’ power quality problems … or an End User experiencing equipment disruption and downtime related to bad power, we have a product solution for you!

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