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Emergency Egress Lighting Solutions

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting, Company News

Just curious … as a lighting designer or specifying engineer, are you able to thoroughly investigate the available  commercial / industrial emergency egress lighting solutions?   As you specify UL 924 Listed battery backup products (for example, wall-mounted “bug-eyes”, emergency ballasts, or standby inverters), are you aware that for many customer sites there are far better, code-compliant solutions?

Thought-provoking questions, indeed!   But consider the following facts:

  1. The “NFPA 101 Life Safety Code”, provides for (3) periodic testing options, and most emergency lighting inverters and egress lighting devices do not allow you to meet all three.
  2. Not all UL 924 listed lighting inverters or egress lighting devices can be used as the sole source of emergency power for egress lighting.
  3. Some lighting inverters DO protect your expensive LED emergency fixtures better than others.
  4. There IS a way to automatically test your egress lighting system … all the way to the fixture itself.

“Hmm … ”  you might be thinking … !

Dig deeper … let us help you learn more!

Frankly, not all UL 924 Listed battery backup products are created equal, and not all provide for the latest advancement in automatic testing, monitoring, and power quality that you / your customers want to see!   Our “Egress Lighting Solutions” brochure highlights the “NFPA 101 Life Safety Code” and illustrates how our centralized emergency lighting inverters meet (and can exceed) it!

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