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NEW! Website File-Upload Capability!

by Suzanne Hooley

Emergency Lighting, General Power Quality, Medical Power Quality, Company News

We want to inform you of an exciting, brand-new feature on our website!

As sales prospects, existing customers, engineers, distributors, electrical contractors, end-users, etc … you now have the ability to securely upload drawing files and other supporting documents which you would like us to use in the product and/or customer service quotation process!

Previously, you would have been engaged in multiple e-mail conversations with our regional sales teams and/or our manufacturer’s reps, in order for you to submit these supporting documents.

Our new upload capability will now save you time, and allow you to submit these files right from the start!

Each of our RFQ forms and all or our regional “Contact Us” forms now have an additional field near the bottom of the form, which allows you to securely upload your file(s).   This upload functionality has the same security protocol as the form itself … the form and all its contents are protected by the “I’m not a robot”  CAPTCHA’s.

Note the following features:

  • Multiple files can be uploaded onto the same form.
  • Total maximum upload capability per submitted form, is 256 MB (a lot of space)!
  • JPG, PDF, Word, and Excel files are supported.

Again, we’re happy to provide this upload feature for you!   You’re welcome to e-mail us with any questions you may have!

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