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Bad Power WILL Cost You Money!

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality, Medical Power Quality

While the electric utilities do a good job of generating quality power, it’s through the very nature of electrical transmission and distribution that these utility companies then ‘lose control’ of the quality of the electric power that a commercial / industrial / healthcare / educational facility receives and uses.   While over- and under-voltages can certainly be the result of what is happening on the power grid itself, the electrical power quality within  a facility can be further compromised  by a number of different sources.

Inside a facility, such additional causes of over-, under-, and fluctuating voltages might include ground faults, undersized power systems, and the sudden start-up or switching of large loads such as an elevator or electric motor.   High and low voltage fluctuations may only last for a few cycles or a few seconds, but that’s more than enough time to affect the operation of critical loads and applications !     Over-voltages (surges lasting for several cycles) in particular, may result in equipment and/or electronic component failure.

The bottom line is that bad power WILL cost you money  … as unscheduled downtime, lost production, repeat processes, and expensive emergency repairs.

Diagram depicting how bad power will cost you money, and you can maximize profits through power conditioning, voltage regulation, and uninterruptible power.

So, what’s going on in your facility with YOUR electrical power?   Are some of these scenarios happening to you?

By means of  power conditioning, voltage regulation,  and  uninterruptible power  … ask us how we can help you  maximize your profits through power quality!    

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