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Do All UPS’s Provide Power Conditioning?

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality

Not a chance!   Some UPS manufacturers add TVSS, and call it “power conditioning”.   Although this is a good start, TVSS only offers limited protection, but does nothing to combat (attenuate) ground noise.   Ground noise or common mode noise can only be addressed with an internal power conditioning isolation transformer.   Some UPS manufacturers don’t even supply this as an option! 

So if you’re serious about having a UPS for back-up and protection, then get serious about power conditioning — ask for it!   A properly incorporated internal, computer-grade, power conditioning transformer: 

  • Isolates your load from the utility.
  • Eliminates ground noise.
  • Steps the available source voltage up or down, and converts 3-wire and 4-wire input configurations to match the exact needs of your protected equipment.
  • Re-establishes the neutral-to-ground bond and maintains the integrity of a clean, noise-free reference for your critical equipment, even in bypass.  

Model ES (4500VA - 15500VA)

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