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Have You Seen Us Lately?

by Suzanne Hooley

Company News

Many of you regularly talk and e-mail with Controlled Power Company personnel, receive our product e-blasts, and/or have been reading our blog here for quite some time now — thank you, we really appreciate your interest and support!

But have you ever wondered where we work … what our place actually looks like?   Very few of you have probably ever been to our facility!

We’re located in Troy, Michigan — a large industrial, commercial, high-tech, retail, and residential suburb, about 16 miles north of downtown Detroit.   We have 183,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space, and a full staff of helpful people who research/develop, design/engineer, market, sell, manufacture, test/inspect, ship, and service the power quality products that you buy from us!   Working for you behind-the-scenes are our operations, purchasing, receiving, inventory control, maintenance, I.T., accounting, reception, and human resource groups!   We have 100+ people who are here for you — every one of us!

A couple years ago, we completed a gorgeous facelift to our property!   Such external enhancements included new paint and trim on the building, new windows, and extensive new landscaping (a multitude of trees, flowers, and shrubs) in our large front yard … which resulted in receiving an “industrial property beautification award” from the city of Troy!

Controlled Power Company Facility Headquarters

We’re presently remodeling some of the interior parts of our facility … stay tuned for “the unveiling” in the very near future … photos to come!

Let us know if you happen to be in, or traveling to, the Detroit area!   We’d be happy to invite you over to our facility and talk with you about your electrical power quality needs!

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