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Industrial DC Power Supplies

by Suzanne Hooley

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Rectifier used in a customer's automotive e-coat application

Controlled Power Company rectifier (lower-right) used in a customer’s automotive e-coat application.

Did you know that we also manufacture industrial DC power supplies (rectifiers)?As an ISO 9001:2015 certified, U.S. manufacturer of the highest quality industrial DC power supplies  for e-coat, anodizing, and plating applications, we capitalize on over 45 years of expertise!   We design, build, test, market, and deliver the highest quality, most-rugged, most-reliable rectifier systems, which stand up to the rigors of 24/7 operation in harsh automotive and metal finishing environments!   Our rectifiers’ durability and performance maximize end-user productivity and minimize downtime.For help with your e-coat and other metal finishing applications, ask us about our 6- and 12- pulse “Series 50 Secondary SCR” and our “Series 70 AutoCoat Modular Anode Control” rectifiers!You might also be interested in our “AACD Automatic Average Current Density” rectifier voltage controller!   The “AACD” controls the DC output of an existing or new rectifier to bring uniform paint film thickness to e-coat processes in which groups of various sized parts enter the tank at different times!Drop us a line below … or   e-mail us  with your questions!

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