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NEW! “Model LTN-3R” Outdoor-Rated UPS

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality, Company News

We’re excited to announce the availability of our new  “Model LTN-3R” outdoor-rated uninterruptible power system!

Model LTN-3R (550VA - 1.3kVA)

“Model LTN-3R”
500 VA – 1.3 kVA single phase sizes.

Featuring an innovative, NEMA 3R raintight enclosure design, this rugged UPS stands up to harsh weather elements.   Elastomeric insulation prevents condensation and internal moisture build-up within the “Model LTN-3R”.      Conformal coated circuit boards also provide a barrier to moisture and airborne contaminants … thus ensuring the operational integrity of the UPS’s electronics.

Output line voltage regulation of ±3% … magnetic isolation … filtering … power conditioning … all of these features and characteristics combine to provide ultimate protection of your electrical load from extreme power line disturbances and outages!

The “Model LTN-3R” is provided with an internal status and alarm panel, with an optional clear viewing window to observe the panel’s indicators and display.   Other “Model LTN-3R” options include remote communications (Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485), an internal heater with thermostat control, and a grade 304 or 316 stainless steel enclosure.

Available in 550 VA to 1.3 kVA single phase sizes, this no-break continuous sinewave UPS provides extended battery runtime from 30 minutes to 9.5 hours, without the need for additional enclosures!

A free-standing outdoor UPS, the “Model LTN-3R” may be floor- or pad-mounted at its installation site.   This UPS’s front-access design provides easy access to the UPS controls, and makes battery installation and maintenance simple!   Keyed door latches ensure the overall security of the product.

The “Model LTN-3R” is ideal for use in such applications as vehicle / cargo scanning,  highway tollgates,  traffic signal controls,  motor drives for barrier controls,  parking garage kiosks / gate arms,  security systems,  surveillance cameras,  pumps and telemetry,  irrigation systems,  transmission repeaters,  and cell towers.

Explore the “Model LTN-3R”!

Download a brochure and specifications today!

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