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NEW! “OSHPD Pre-Approved” Seismic-Rated Products!

by Suzanne Hooley

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Think about something for a minute …

As a specifying engineer focused on healthcare facilities, or as a hospital administrator or facility engineer … are you certain that the imaging and treatment equipment installed will continue to operate flawlessly after an earthquake?   Do you know for certain that all equipment is seismic-rated?   What about the electrical support equipment such as transformers, panel boards, generators … even electrical power quality products?

While we can’t guarantee the seismic integrity of front-end, patient-facing equipment (that responsibility lies with the OEM) …  we can give you the assurance that our power conditioning voltage regulators, installed in front of critical patient-care equipment, will be 100% operational after a defined seismic event!

From Approved Seismic Data Calculations To Shake-Table Testing

The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (“OSHPD”) has been leading the way for quite some time … continuing to define seismic regulations and mandates concerning hospitals and healthcare facilities.   In years past, electrical support equipment could be installed once approved seismic calculations and anchorage documentation were provided.   As safety-related requirements have evolved … so have the certification requirements for this same electrical support equipment.

As a leading manufacturer of medical-grade electrical power quality products and active in the hospital / healthcare market, we’ve seen this evolution and have acknowledged the need for shake-table testing and seismic-rated certifications!

The Importance Of “OSHPD Seismic
Pre-approval”  (OSP)

“OSHPD” monitors the planning, design, and oversight of healthcare facility construction  (hospitals, clinics, etc) to ensure that they are capable of providing services to the public … even after a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

“OSHPD” currently mandates that any equipment required to withstand an earthquake and function afterwards,  be approved and certified via shake-table testing to specific criteria.   Equipment that falls under this mandate is typically life safety related … including MRI / CT scanners, emergency room tables; as well as all electrical support equipment such as transformers, panel boards, and generators.

“OSHPD Seismic Pre-approval” (OSP) is a program in which equipment manufacturers perform seismic testing of representative samples of a product line … and then have these products certified and pre-approved as seismic-rated equipment.

Because our power conditioners and voltage regulators support MRI’s, CT’s, and other critical-care modalities, we pursued … and secured … “OSHPD Seismic Pre-approval” certification!

We are now pleased to announce that our “SureImage Model 700F/M” and “Series 700F” products are seismic-rated and “OSHPD Pre-approved”

California … And Beyond!

Geographically, the United States Geological Survey map below illustrates the intensity of the active seismic regions within the continental U.S.   (While not shown here, Alaska and Hawaii are active seismic zones as well.)   Installations requiring seismic-rated power conditioning products extend well beyond California and hospital facilities.

Seismic Map

Our “SureImage Model 700F/M” and “Series 700F” have been “OSHPD” pre-approved and certified via shake-table testing to a very specific set of criteria.   Testing and data reporting were completed to standards that satisfy the International Building Code (IBC) 2015, as well as “OSHPD” and California Building Code (CBC) 2013.   These standards are recognized and accepted by most of the United States, as well as other countries.   Even federal and state agencies, municipalities, as well as commercial and industrial facilities are showing an increasing interest in and need for such robust electrical power quality products!

How Does All This Benefit The Specifying Engineering Community?

Our “OSHPD Seismic Pre-approval” certification greatly reduces your time / efforts in locating and selecting power conditioning and voltage regulating equipment to be installed in earthquake-prone regions!   We’ve published a whitepaper to explain the details of our certification.

We invite you to read more about our seismic-rated medical-grade “SureImage Model 700F/M” and our commercial / industrial “Series 700F” power conditioning voltage regulators!

Feel free to drop us a line in the “Comments” below … we’d love to help you specify these seismic-rated power quality products!

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