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NEW! Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverter!

by Suzanne Hooley

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We are proud to officially launch our long-awaited,  NEW  EON Model EL3  three phase centralized emergency lighting inverter!
EON Model EL3

  • 10 kW – 33 kW sizes
  • (3) battery cabinet configurations available
  • Optional output distribution cabinet (not shown)

Available in 10 kW – 33 kW sizes and meeting stringent requirements in construction and performance, our self-diagnostic, self-testing EON Model EL3 is UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment” and “Auxiliary Lighting and Power Equipment”, as well as NFPA compliant as “Life Safety Equipment”.   Offering more security and versatility to meet today’s illumination requirements, the EON is the perfect complement for all life safety and emergency lighting applications!

Our inverter technology effectively maintains life safety systems with extended brownout protection, tight voltage regulation, and power conditioning.   Tight voltage regulation assures that facility egress lumens are maintained 100% at emergency lighting fixtures, in all modes of operation, and also extends ballast, LED driver, and lamp life.

As an owner, facility manager, or specifying engineer … why should you choose the EON over competing three-phase inverters?

  • Full Compliance With NFPA 101
    Computer-based, self-testing / self-diagnostic emergency lighting system with data-logging.

  • Reliability, Plus Compatibility
    Provides reliable, regulated voltage during normal and emergency power modes.   Compatible with all lighting fixture types, including LED.

  • Easy Installation And Low Cost of Ownership
    Requires only (1) battery cabinet for 90 minutes runtime, and only batteries with front-access terminals are used.   Single-point operation for all monitoring, testing, data-logging, reporting, and maintenance.

  • Compact Footprint
    Physically smaller than comparable three-phase emergency lighting inverter products, without compromising performance or serviceability … one of the smallest three phase cabinet footprints in the industry!
    The illustration below compares the EON with two competitors’ 32 kW and 33 kW inverters.   The EON’s 32 kW and 33 kW footprints are only 70″ W  x  33″ D  x  77″ H; while our competitors’ products are 130″ and 140″ wide, respectively … in other words, the EON
    saves as much as 6 feet of wall / floor space!

By maintaining egress lumens 100% (will not diminish) over the full 90 minutes of emergency power, the EON is the ideal backup power solution to be specified for egress lighting used in:

  • Entertainment / Sporting Venues
  • University, Healthcare, & Correctional Facilities
  • Worship Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Subway / Train Stations
  • Manufacturing Plants / Warehouses

as well as many other similar locations in which a large number of people may be congregated and in which safe egress and life safety are imperative.

Download a brochure and specifications today!

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