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Tap Switching Power Conditioners

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality

Tap switching describes a voltage regulating system that uses pre-selected transformer taps to compensate for varying line voltages.   A microprocessor control selects the correct tap, and makes a connection through high-powered electronic switching devices.   This fast, accurate, and very efficient technology is recommended for applications and equipment that require a regulated power source in order to function properly and perform at an optimum level.

But …  NOT ALL  Tap Switching Power Conditioners Are The Same!

Many of our competitors’ products use 6 voltage taps per phase.   We use 7 — citing the greatest benefits of the extra tap to be tighter voltage regulation and a more stable power source.   Our proprietary switching algorithms ensure that incoming voltage distortion does not affect regulation performance; and these algorithms also ensure the elimination of nuisance switching and voltage overshoot that are often seen in competitors’ designs.

So What’s In It For You … Why Choose Our Tap Switching Power Conditioner?

How about (2) more significant power quality advantages:

  1. When the input voltage rises dangerously above nominal, the microprocessor immediately calculates the necessary correction, and within 1 cycle, switches to the appropriate voltage compensating tap.
  2. To provide power conditioning, a low impedance shielded isolation transformer minimizes voltage distortion and sags commonly associated with high surge currents.   Loads that create momentary surge currents do not affect other equipment connected to the product.

Learn more … read about our front access, tap-switching power conditioner … then ask one of our product application specialists about implementing these power quality advantages into your application!

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