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“UPS Solutions For Mammography” — New Whitepaper!

by Suzanne Hooley

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In today’s medical centers and healthcare clinics, the electronic sophistication of medical imaging and diagnostic modalities is providing enhanced imaging, precise diagnostics, and the delivery of highly-accurate data.   And because of the advanced technology of the equipment itself, modalities such as  mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast-specific gamma imaging,  and  3-D digital breast tomosynthesis  now typically require only 10 kVA single-phase power instead of larger kVA ratings and three-phase power.   More capability using less power!

Power outages, electrical disruptions, and component failure of any kind result in equipment downtime.   Interrupted and rescheduled imaging procedures have a direct adverse effect on not only patient comfort and convenience, but on the entire department’s or facility’s bottom line.

To specifically protect against outages, many medical centers and healthcare clinics use a standby generator, which typically delivers 480V three-phase power to the facility.   However, the generator may take 7 – 10 seconds to come online after the outage occurs.   To bridge this gap in time, a single-phase UPS with 5+ minutes of battery backup can provide continuous power to critical equipment and imaging / diagnostics modalities.

Typical UPS Installations In Healthcare Clinical Environments

Imaging and diagnostic equipment manufacturers expect and require an isolated / regulated, stable power source to assure the everyday performance and durability of their systems.   When a UPS is used with mammography equipment, most UPS manufacturers require the purchase and installation of an external isolation transformer to step-down the 480V power source to the typical single-phase UPS voltage requirements of 240V/120V or 208V/120V.   While commonly practiced, this type of installation compounds the input and output wiring requirements, increases the physical space required in the Clinical Area to include the transformers, and unnecessarily increases materials and labor costs.

The “MedPoweRx Model ES” Integrated One-Box UPS Solution

Our complete, integrated, one-box “MedPoweRx Model ES” UPS  includes the step-down isolation transformer within the UPS cabinet,  thus simplifying the wiring, minimizing the physical space requirements, and eliminating the unnecessary additional materials and labor costs!

Learn more about the “MedPoweRx Model ES”read this new whitepaper in its entirety … ask us for more application-specific details!

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2 Responses to ““UPS Solutions For Mammography” — New Whitepaper!”

August 07, 2012 at 1:46 pm, Karen Lipfert said:

The Model ES is an excellent UPS solution for mammography and other medical applications. We had a demo of this UPS in the spring at the CAHED trade-show. It offers many attractive features including small footprint, internal maintenance bypass and a 3 year warranty!


August 07, 2012 at 3:02 pm, Suzanne Hooley said:

Karen, thanks so much for your input and the accolades for our “MedPoweRx Model ES” UPS! Much appreciated!! ~ Suzanne


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