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What’s An “NFPA 99 Compliant” UPS?

by Suzanne Hooley

Medical Power Quality

Patient safety is a primary concern when selecting a medical-grade uninterruptible power system (UPS) for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities — especially when that UPS is going to be used with patient vicinity and portable (cord-connected) equipment.

NFPA 99 electrical codes provide guidelines that help ensure patient safety, by defining safe levels of leakage current and by defining how to test portable patient care related electrical appliances and equipment to ensure that they meet those safe levels.   NFPA 99 also includes “Patient Care Vicinity” standards, which define examination and treatment areas.   All cord-connected electrical appliances and equipment located within the “Patient Care Vicinity” must meet leakage current requirements — and that includes the UPS.

A “UL 60601-1 listed and labeled UPS” has been tested and certified as meeting the NFPA 99 leakage current limits for portable equipment.   However, keep in mind that a UPS bearing only the UL 1778 listing has not been tested and approved for use as portable equipment in a medical facility.

Contact us for more information about the NFPA 99 definitions of “leakage current” and “patient care vicinity”.   Ask us how we can help you reduce potential liability issues and costly maintenance / testing by using an “NFPA 99 compliant” and UL 60601-1 listed portable UPS!

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