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New Three Phase kVA Sizes for the “Series 700A Power Processor”!

by Suzanne Hooley

General Power Quality, Company News

Just a quick note to share some great news with you!

We have added (3) new, UL Listed, three phase kVA sizes to our “Series 700A Power Processor”!

Literally thousands of our “Series 700A Power Processors” are being used to protect critical equipment in various customer applications around the world!   In recent years, more and more requests have been made for larger kVA-rated “Series 700A” models.   In particular, we’ve seen many applications between 300 kVA and 500 kVA.   This market demand has prompted us to add a 350 kVA, 400 kVA, and a 450 kVA model to our UL Listed product line!

Our customers are using these larger kVA-rated “Series 700A” models in both commercial and industrial applications.   In some of these applications, the “Series 700A” is being installed in front of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) when the facility power source is routinely fluctuating outside of the UPS’s normal operating input voltage window.   The “Series 700A” regulates the voltage to the UPS and reduces the battery usage.   If your UPS is switching to battery power too often based on under-voltage, sags, or surges … the batteries are heading towards a premature death!

So what types of applications do you have, in which our single or three phase “Series 700A” might be the perfect fit?

Read more …  download a brochure and specifications today!

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3 Responses to “New Three Phase kVA Sizes for the “Series 700A Power Processor”!”

July 19, 2015 at 6:51 am, Edward Annor-Asante said:

Hi,If possible can you send me by post your steblizers with price list to Edward Annor-Asante, 9d South Street, Enfield.


July 21, 2015 at 10:20 am, Suzanne Hooley said:

Hi Edward,
Thank you for your inquiry! In a private e-mail, I’ll put you in-touch with our International Sales team … they will then contact you with product pricing information! Thank you again for your inquiry, and your interest in our electrical power quality solutions!
Best regards,
~ Suzanne


July 19, 2015 at 6:53 am, Edward Annor-Asante said:

Catalogue with price list please


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